Photography Overload

Photography Overlaod with Scott Kelby's Shoot Like a Pro Tour and the PDN PhotoPlus International Conference + Expo

28th Oct
Nikon booth at PhotoPlus-PDN expo - taken with an Apple iPhone 4S

iPhone tourism: NYC from upper-deck HOHO

Unfortunately, street photography with an iPhone in frenetically-paced Times Square takes more practice than I had time for. Oh well, the best laid plans and all that... Nonetheless, I learned a valuable lesson as we rode in the rain and the hot sun on top of those double-decker tour buses.

17th Aug
iPhone - NYC taxis and traffic - taken with an Apple iPhone 4S

Golden sunrise through a dirty window

Golden sunrise over the Potomac River through a dirty VRE commuter train window

25th May
Golden sunrise through a dirty window - taken with an Apple iPhone 4S

Photoshop World 2013 Orlando: A Good Bit of Business

The good people over at NAPP tried something new for their Photoshop World Conference and Expo 2013 - Orlando; they made a few "tracks" changes that, for me, made it an unexpectedly wonderful experience.

21st Apr
Orange County Convention Center: Photoshop World Conference and Expo - April 17 thru 19, 2013 in Orlando, Florida

“One image a day”; I FAILED

I admire all of my photographer friends who take on the "one image a day" 365-day projects. I even give kudos to those who tackle the "one image per week" 52-week ones. Because I know those types of challenges are not for me.

09th Apr
Google+ Snapseed Community Challenge: This is the last time I'll see this sunset

DC Metro iPhone snaps – Feb 20 2013

As always, this image was taken using the Pro Camera app then followed up with Camera+ and Snapseed. This time I added a little PhotoStudio.

20th Feb
Love the Socks! Young man with colorful striped socks