“One image a day”; I FAILED

I admire all of my photographer friends who take on the "one image a day" 365-day projects. I even give kudos to those who tackle the "one image per week" 52-week ones. Because I know those types of challenges are not for me.

09th Apr
Google+ Snapseed Community Challenge: This is the last time I'll see this sunset

DC Metro iPhone snaps – Feb 20 2013

As always, this image was taken using the Pro Camera app then followed up with Camera+ and Snapseed. This time I added a little PhotoStudio.

20th Feb
Love the Socks! Young man with colorful striped socks

DC Metro iPhone snaps – Feb 6 2013

I've always wanted to shoot street photography but (1) I'm too shy and (2) my cameras aren't at all small. However, the iPhone is giving me a whole new perspective on photography.

06th Feb
Tee hee heeee: a young lady finds humor in a text message

DC Metro iPhone snaps – Dec 11 2012

I took the image with Pro Camera app and used the black...

11th Dec
What stop is this?

DC Metro iPhone snaps – Aug 7 2012

Saved?  This young man, confined to a wheelchair, has a Cross tattooed...

07th Aug

DC Metro iPhone snaps – Jul 19 2012

Oblivion.  Many people on metro hide behind their music… I took the...

19th Jul