Badlands Bison itching post

What happens when you have an itch that needs scratching but you have no hands and no friends to help you out?

18th Apr
Bison at itching post - Badlands - taken with a Nikon D500 camera and Nikon 80-400 VR lens

Devils Tower: from a distance and up close

Road trip: One hundred miles of good road from Rapid City, South Dakota to see the Devils Tower in Wyoming.

06th Jan
Devils Tower monolith up close and framed by tall trees - taken with a Nikon D500 and 16-80mm lens

Hanging with Jason Odell

I was on vacation last week; visiting state and national parks in Colorado, South Dakota and Wyoming and got to hang out with Pro Photographer, Jason Odell.

12th Sep
Professional Photographer, Jason Odell, at an antique car farm in Colorado

Reflections in Dallas

I'm not happy working in Dallas but I was bound and determined to get out and shoot something... anything with my new Nikon D500 and 16-80 kit. I found a few reflections that I can be happy with.

14th Aug
bamboo water streaks

Travel Stories: Arizona Rocks!

If you're the type of person who gets your rocks off on rocks... and mountains and cactus and canyons then Arizona is the place to be. Seriously.

10th May
Lower Antelope Canyon colorful waves in Page, Arizona - taken with a Nikon D300 camera and Sigma 10-20 lens

Sasserfraz Annual Junkyard Model Shoot Out 2015

I had an idea what to expect, so I was not uneasy to see steampunk zombie grunge Hannibal Lecter clown people as soon as I walked through the gate.

28th Jan
flickr screenshot of pics by MrAnathema Photography of Annual Junkyard Model Shoot Out 2015 Sponsored by Sasserfraz Pictures