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Travel Stories: Arizona Rocks!

If you're the type of person who gets your rocks off on rocks... and mountains and cactus and canyons then Arizona is the place to be. Seriously.

10th May
Lower Antelope Canyon colorful waves in Page, Arizona - taken with a Nikon D300 camera and Sigma 10-20 lens

Light Trails in downtown Phoenix

A few of my new coworkers expressed a real interest in photography... we decided to shoot light trails from the CityScape walkway in downtown Phoenix.

22nd Mar
Long exposure light trails at sunset, as seen from CityScape walkway in Phoenix, Arizona - taken with a Nikon D300 camera and 18-200 VR lens

Travel Adventure Show: Long Beach side of LA

Every year, the Travel Channel puts on a Travel Adventure Show extravaganza in several cities around the country. I've missed previous years but this year I managed to plan better and ended up at the Los Angeles show that was actually held in Long Beach, California.

06th Mar
Rick Steves and Samantha Brown are some of the headliners at the Travel Adventure Show in Long Beach, California - collage

Body Art Expo in Phoenix – Valentine Tattoo Anyone?

Valentine's Day is usually spent with your significant other, however, for those of without a partner it is a day that we would like to skip over entirely. So, for "Single Awareness Day" we decided to go to a Tattoo Expo at the Arizona State Fair in Phoenix.

15th Feb
Tattoo Expo Entrance at Arizona State Fair in Phoenix - taken with a Nikon CoolPix AW110

Sasserfraz Annual Junkyard Model Shoot Out 2015

I had an idea what to expect, so I was not uneasy to see steampunk zombie grunge Hannibal Lecter clown people as soon as I walked through the gate.

28th Jan
flickr screenshot of pics by MrAnathema Photography of Annual Junkyard Model Shoot Out 2015 Sponsored by Sasserfraz Pictures

2014: My Year in Review

Just about every photographer that I know and love - whether pro, semi-pro, or serious hobbyist - has done a 2014 photo montage. And so, without further ado and perhaps a different spin, here's my 2014 in pictures.

02nd Jan
Aerial view of Sedona's Red Rocks