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Worldwide Photowalk: Trying something new in Barcelona

First of all, I was late. A comedy of errors ensued. I had landed in Barcelona, Spain around noon on the very day of the Worldwide Photowalk, October 5.

17th Oct
Barcelona Spain, El Molina Theatre's Neon windmill shot with slow shutter speed and lens zoomed from 18mm to about 125mm -enhanced with an iPad

Recent and relevant photography news items

These last three weeks have been packed with newsworthy items.

17th Sep
My own Google Birthday!

iPhone tourism: NYC from upper-deck HOHO

Unfortunately, street photography with an iPhone in frenetically-paced Times Square takes more practice than I had time for. Oh well, the best laid plans and all that... Nonetheless, I learned a valuable lesson as we rode in the rain and the hot sun on top of those double-decker tour buses.

17th Aug
iPhone - NYC taxis and traffic - taken with an Apple iPhone 4S

Golden sunrise through a dirty window

Golden sunrise over the Potomac River through a dirty VRE commuter train window

25th May
Golden sunrise through a dirty window - taken with an Apple iPhone 4S

“One image a day”; I FAILED

I admire all of my photographer friends who take on the "one image a day" 365-day projects. I even give kudos to those who tackle the "one image per week" 52-week ones. Because I know those types of challenges are not for me.

09th Apr
Google+ Snapseed Community Challenge: This is the last time I'll see this sunset

DC Metro iPhone snaps – Feb 20 2013

As always, this image was taken using the Pro Camera app then followed up with Camera+ and Snapseed. This time I added a little PhotoStudio.

20th Feb
Love the Socks! Young man with colorful striped socks