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Image by Peter Hurley at WPPI On the Road photography conference - taken with a Hasselblad H5D-50 and an HC 120mm macro lens

Image by Peter Hurley at WPPI On the Road 2013 photography conference in Atlantic City, New Jersey

Who am I? My name is Danielle Lewis but some close friends and family call me by my nickname “Dani”. I love photography and travel and have spent the best part of the last 30 years doing what I love. DaniLew is combination of my first and last names and you can view or buy some of my photographs if you click on the Galleries link here or above.

You must’ve been born with a silver spoon in your mouth to be able to travel so extensively? No, I grew up in in a low-income housing project in the Hill District (Uptown) of Pittsburgh PA. I did short stints in college and the Army then I moved to Washington DC to live with my best friends who had just graduated from Howard University. I was employed with 4 companies while I lived in the DMV (DC, Maryland and Virginia), helped to raise 3 wonderful Godchildren, and remained single.

I recently retired, at age 55, and plan to travel the world as slowly as a I can for as long as I can.

How are you able to travel the world? I had dreamed of early retirement since I was 21 years old, worked extra hours when I could, invested seriously in my future for nearly 25 years, and firmed up my resolution to live elsewhere 17 years ago.

I also realized that I can live comfortably overseas on my reduced income and investments in many countries with easy access to big city events, cultural diversity and the beach for much less money than I could in most of the USA.

Why would you leave the USA? Why not? I’ve already stayed at least 2 nights in 45 of the 50 states and most the US territories. A lot of Americans cannot say the same. Of the remaining 5 states only New Mexico interests me.

And political shade intended, it’s a good time for this middle-aged black woman to move on.

Aren’t you afraid to travel alone? I have an advantage in that regard over most people; I’m an only child. I was born alone and raised alone so I’m very used to eating by myself, going to movies by myself, etc. I’m also friendly. I will talk to the person next to me in a grocery store checkout line, in an elevator, at the next table in a restaurant, and even on the street when I notice a great pair of shoes coming my way. I’ve made friends with people who live all over the world and who have invited me to stay with them anytime that I’m even thinking of visiting their country. No, I’m not afraid of traveling alone.

How many countries and continents have a I visited? I’m not interested in those numbers because (1) I have no real desire to visit Antarctica or Russia or the Dominican Republic and (2) I’ve decided to chase the sun; no more cold or snow. More to the point, there are numerous exotic locales and tropical countries that I previously enjoyed and foresee no problems revisiting and even more that I have not yet experienced. You only live once!

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