Travel and Taxes

On March 19, 2014 by DaniLew

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What’s that old Ben Franklin saying? “… in life nothing is certain, except death and taxes.”

Benjamin Franklin image from Wikipedia.  This photographic reproduction is therefore also considered to be in the public domain

Benjamin Franklin – a famous resident of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – from Wikipedia

And I always feel annoyed about the “unavoidables” around this time of the year…

In the USA, April is Tax Month. Our own wages, investments, and losses are all up to the scrutiny of the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) and due by April 15th, every year.

Yet, for photographers, April is also a good time to be travelling. Spring blossoms are beginning to bloom in the northern hemisphere while fall colors are becoming vivid in the southern hemisphere.

Blooming Tulip Macro - digital painting - taken with a Nikon D300 camera and Nikon 105 VR macro lens

Blooming Tulip Macro from Fairmount Park Horticultural Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – digital painting

Either way, the earth is just that bit more verdant and ruddy.  And it should not be spoiled by thoughts of death or taxes.

However, I’m traveling in April to South Africa, so my taxes must be submitted before I leave.  Hence, this post and a fervent hope for a better next year.

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