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On September 17, 2013 by DaniLew

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These last three weeks have been packed with newsworthy items.  However, I’ll only mention the ones that are relevant to me…

•     Photoshop World Expo – Las Vegas 2013

  1. Photoshop World Expo – Las Vegas 2013 was held Sept 4 – 6 at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.  I could not attend this one but I’m told that I missed out on a lot of goodies and that there were plenty of models to shoot in the Westcott booth again – unlike Orlando 2013.
  2. Canon‘s presence on the expo floor – cleaning about 400 cameras for free – made a huge and positive impact on it’s user base.  Some of the Nikon users, I heard, were grumbling.  I would’ve been as well.
  3. Also Nik Collection by Google was given away for free to all attendees too! Even though I already have the software, this too was an excellent gesture of goodwill.

•     Adobe

  1. Several weeks before the Photoshop World Expo, Adobe announced that each expo participant would receive a year of Creative Cloud for free.  A $600 gift – wow!  I’m already a CC subscriber but I was willing to book it just to get another year free, even though I had been to the PSW 2013 in Orlando earlier this year, but alas I could not take the time off from my real job.
  2. At the conference, during the keynote speeches, Adobe announced the “Photoshop Photography Plan” that allows users to subscribe to Photoshop CC and Lightroom 5 only for $9.99 a month (for CS3 and above users).  I could easily switch from the complete plan to this new introductory price but I’m really enjoying learning InDesign CC and next will be Illustrator CC.  Still, I think this is another wonderful gift from Adobe.

•     OnOne Software

OnOne Software announce it’s Perfect Suite 8 is coming soon this November.  Almost this exact time last year, I purchased Perfect Suite 6!  Thankfully, it was within the timeframe that I got Perfect Suite 7 for free when it came out last November.  That is one new version every year for the last three years, yet I’ve not heard the grumblings from their customer base like Adobe has.

Besides,  I looked at their blog previews of what was coming down the pike and… the Enhance module plus the browser plus eraser tool makes it resemble Lightroom 5.  I already have Lightroom 5, thank you very much.  I’m not going to pay another $100 for a tool that looks like a tool that does what it does so well.  I’ll wait until November 2014 when Perfect Suite 10 comes out.

•     Apple

Apple announced their iPhone 5C and 5S versions and iOS7.  The 5C is a cute and colorful plastic version for a great price while the 5S has an elegant gold and silver case with a faster f/2.2 lens.  Oh, but there must be grumblers.  They cry, “Where’s the extra megapixels!”  Hmm, yes there are a couple of smartphones currently out there (Android-powered Samsung Galaxy S4 and  the Windows Phone-based Nokia Lumia 1020) with more megapixels than most DSLR cameras, but there should be a law against such things.

A few years ago, when P&S (point-and-shoot) camera manufacturers started loading tons of megapixels onto P&S cameras, those same grumblers said it was ridiculous to put that many MP’s on such a small sensor.  I know technology has increased ten-fold in the last two years alone but that same argument is still relevant.  Besides that, with the storage space on those smartphones, you should only be able to keep 50 images.  The ploy with these mega-megapixel phones is to get you to pay for extra cloud storage.  Be careful what you wish for…


Finally, my 51st birthday was mixed in with all this news!  A lovely surprise was waiting for me when I opened up my browser window.

My own Google Birthday!

My own Google Birthday!

Thanks Google!

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  • I never have been to Photoshop World Expo, or any of the others. It sounds like it would really be fun.

    • I think everyone should experience one of the big tradeshows at least once in their lives. So far I’ve been to three PSW’s and a WPPI On the Road show in Atlantic City. These have been top-notch, informative and entertaining. Next month I’ll be going PhotoPlus/PDN in NYC and in January to ImagingUSA in Phoenix. Hey, Photoshop World will be in ATL April 8-10, 2014; that’s close enough to you, right?

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