Nik Software Collection by Google – FTW

On March 25, 2013 by DaniLew

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Today, Google announced that the entire Nik Software 6 plug-in Collection for Photoshop, Lightroom, and Apeture has been reduced to $149!

Nik Software Collecton by Google Announcement

Nik Software Collecton by Google Announcement

Plus the fact that if you own one or more of the Nik plug-ins, Google will upgrade you to the entire Collection for free! Wow!

Now that is certainly a boon for my friends who could not afford a single plug-in let alone the entire suite.

However, it does level out the playing field for all photographers and, of course, there will be grumblers.


What’s being said on the www?

On the G+ announcement thread, there have been a few whiners about wanting their money back, etc.  Bernd Lutz summed it up best for me: “Why are people always complaining if something gets cheaper than the price they have paid for some time ago? … I normally buy stuff when I think I need it and the price is acceptable. Especially if you use a tool to earn money, you should have made enough money in the time you used the tool or you have some bad business plan.”  I agree!

I purchased the Complete Collection back in May 2009 for $599.95 and every upgrade since. I didn’t complain about the cost then and I won’t now. I’m not one of those crybabies. I’ve made my money back and then some with Nik Software.

Others will pontificate on the why’s and how’s but I’m not going to theorize why Google reduced the price by 70%.  I just knew something was up when they purchased Nik last year, made the Snapseed app free, and dropped the Snapseed Desktop version.  They are in it to win it.


Anything else?

Yes! Today, Google also upgraded their G+ app with editing capabilities and filters that look very familiar…  Nik Software Collection by Google – For The Win!

Anyway, now that Nik Software is affordable to all, I will have to step up my game again and find a new way to set myself apart from the competition.

What are you going to do?

4 Responses to “Nik Software Collection by Google – FTW”

  • Well said Dani, you make a valid point. However, I can understand how some might feel. Nobody wants to pay more for something than it is worth. This is how some might feel when they learn that the product that they purchased has been devalued by the same people who took their money. On the other hand if they have made money off of the product then where’s the problem. There are also some who are getting a great deal on a wonderful package.

    However, there is another group of people, the amateurs, who aren’t necessary making anything from the product. They might feel differently. I’m an amateur, hoping to turn professional one day. It can be tough purchase equipment and software on a limited budget. However, if I want to be a professional, I need to learn to process my images like one. Still I want to make the best choices in the ways that I spend my money. This doesn’t mean that I disagree with you. I’m actually glad to get Color Efex Pro 4.

    I really expect a major upgrade to be around the corner anyway. They aren’t in business to give their software away, but to build wider customer base.

    • Thanks Phillip. Perhaps if I had purchased Nik Software recently I might feel angry about the new much lower price but that is part of the game.

      As an IT person I know that when software is new and unique; it’s value is high and only those that can afford it can get and use it as their secret weapon for a few years. But Topaz and OnOne and even Alien Skin came forward with similar and cheaper products than Nik. And the profit margins were dropping. If any software company wants to continue to make money, then they have to eventually overcome their niche market and spread their wings out to the common man or the bottom will drop out. That is what Google did with Nik; they made it available to everyone. A specialized product that everyone wanted and now everyone can afford. I would never have purchased Nik Software after Google bought it because I knew something major was going to happen. I would’ve waited.

      Yes, I expect some new products in the next year or so that will make them the defacto plug-in. Hey, everyone I know loves the Snapseed smartphone app and it became free after 2 years, so who knows what will happen…

  • While waiting for new posts from you Dani, I go back to the the old ones, and just wanted to say that I totally agree with you on this one. There is no reason to complain about a price reduction just because one bought the product while it was more expensive. Before Nik Software could be something that set you apart from the competition – as you point out – but not anymore when it’s become common property. So in a way you paid for exclusiveness. I still think it’s great that the price has fallen because in the end I think it’s our vision and not just some technical wizardry that sets us apart.

    • Well said, Otto, especially this: “…in the end I think it’s our vision and not just some technical wizardry that sets us apart.” Hear, Hear! *claps hands*

      I am in the midst of a website face-lift and I’m waiting patiently *cough* until it’s completed to start posting new stuff. Thank you for coming back to check on me. This weekend, I’ll check on your site to see what great adventures you’ve had since I last commented.

      Thank you,


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