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On March 10, 2013 by DaniLew

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I’m proud to be a NAPP (National Association of Photoshop Professionals) member! No, I’m not a Photoshop Professional but it’s a place to learn and grow and each week I visit the website for both inspiration and stimulation.

This week, RC Concepion posted his HDR image and was going to lay out a tutorial but instead he chose to challenge the membership to see how we would process the same image.

He provided the 7 bracketed files of the Jefferson Hotel in Richmond, VA that were taken when he was there doing his “Adobe Photoshop for Photographers Seminar Tour” thing for Kelby Training.

I have RC’s HDR book and I loved the way he emphasized that the HDR tone-mapping part was not the end of post-processing and then he went on to show us how it could be done utilizing several software tools.

NAPP members were inspired by the post, because at least 60 members have turned in submissions since Wednesday, March 6, 2013 when he initially wrote it.

I am, as usual, late to the party but nonetheless here’s my interpretation.

NAPP HDR Challenge by RC Concepion: Just working on a file RC gave us at

NAPP HDR Challenge by RC Concepion: Just working on a file RC gave us at

Here’s how I processed it.

  • Merged the 7 files using Nik Software HDR Pro 2 – the Default preset is very smooth with subtle tone-mapping.
  • Blended some of the original files using the Blend Modes and Opacity slider in Photoshop CS6.
  • Added Detail Extractor, Low Key, and Pro Contrast filters in Nik’s Color Efex Pro 4.
  • Finished it off with Nik’s Sharpener Pro 3.

I’m not happy with the skylight but… what do you think?

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  • I am not much into HDR (yet at least) because it requires the use of tripod (and I hate tripods). Although I do combine variations of raw conversions of one photo, and in a way it’s like HDR. You did a good job with RC Concepion’s picture.

    • Thank you, Otto. Your forte is travel and the native people of whatever exotic place you visit; you certainly don’t need a tripod to capture their daily lives. I’m in awe of your abilities.

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