CreativeLIVE PhotoshopWEEK

On March 4, 2013 by DaniLew

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CreativeLIVE’s PhotoshopWEEK (February 25 thru March 2, 2013) was phenomenal!

CreativeLIVE PhotoshopWEEK

CreativeLIVE PhotoshopWEEK

All last week, I was enthralled watching headliners such as Dave Cross, Jack Davis, Kevin Kubota, Aaron Nace, Jared Platt, Khara Plicanic, Colin Smith, Lesa Snider, and Ben Willmore.  I would be remiss if I didn’t try to spread the word.

But it’s not too late to catch the wave.  The rebroadcasts are still going on and, more importantly, the $299 deal for 46 classes/66 hours of high-octane learning from some of the best Photoshop/Lightroom instructors in the world is still available!

Don’t miss it!


UPDATE: the PhotoshopWEEK rebroadcasts ended around 4:00 pm yesterday, March 6, 2013 and the cost of the workshop has gone up to $399 (still an excellent bargain!).

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