Late to the Party

On May 28, 2012 by DaniLew

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For the last 6 years, I had a BlackBerry cellphone. And then this past February, everything changed. At the end of my “renew every 2 years” contract with Verizon, I finally switched to an iPhone.

The impetus for the switch was when the BlackBerry servers went down in 2011 for 3-4 days – leaving us stranded, literally – and all RIM (Research in Motion) offered were limited-use games with and a lame apology, I was done. Offering me games that I would have to pay for after 6 months; just pissed me off. I don’t play games. I conducted my own photography business on the BlackBerry and even allowed my real job to push all emails, contacts, tasks, notes and calendar to it so that I could be reachable as I travelled the world.

Right. I needed a new smartphone. Yes, even after listening to hundreds of friends, family, coworkers, and clients lauding the iPhone’s capabilities, I was still hestitant. Until I read about the iPhone 4S. You see, AT&T service is a abysmal where I live; it’s more than dropped calls, it’s no access at all in my own home. So I was sticking with Verizon as my carrier no matter what phone I chose. Thankfully, Apple answered my prayer with the Verizon version of the iPhone 4S, because it was absolutely imperative to have international (world phone) calling.

The other improvements to the 4S over the 4 have been widely-praised; the 8 megapixel-camera with a five-element lens and a larger aperture and the 1080p video capture with stabilization. And let’s not forget Siri; the quirky voice assistant. I have friends who willingly broke the contract on their 4 to get to the 4S or who gave their 4 to a family member just so they could get the 4S. Mind you, some of these friends are not even photographers; they just want to be able to record their families and/or activities with better equipment and leave their point-n-shoots at home. Nonetheless… however loud the applause, the iPhone “fun factors” meant nothing to me as I only ever used any cellphone as it was meant to be: a mobile phone.

Now though, I’m trying to get into iPhoneography.

flag grunge - taken with an Apple iPhone 4S

flag grunge at Old Town Alexandria Farmers’ Market

rolling pins - taken with an Apple iPhone 4S

black&white rolling pins at Old Town Alexandria Farmers’ Market

Images above made with an Apple iPhone 4S

The editing apps have been a real treat! If you read my blog regularly then you know that I’m huge fan of Nik Software, and both images above were processed with Nik’s Snapseed app for iPhone.

Nacho Cordova – God rest his soul – introduced me to iPhoneography; and my good friend, Kristin, inspired me with her 365-day project; but Create Photographics meetup group was truly instrumental in inciting my interest with a class, a themed shoot at Old Town Alexandria Farmers’ Market, and an editing session all wonderfully coached by Sandra Ramos.

I am really excited about findng my photographic voice or incorporating my current one with the iPhone. This iPhoneography craze has been going on for at least 4 years and while I may be late to the party, I think I came at just the right time.

Happy Memorial Day to all who protect and serve or have done so for their country in peace and in conflict – thank you!

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